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Contact Lenses

contactsWe are dedicated to giving our patients clear vision.

To do this, we offer a variety of eyeglasses and contact lenses. If you would rather wear contact lenses, we offer a wide variety of choices so that everyone can find a comfortable pair of contact lenses.

Many people prefer to wear contact lenses for active lifestyles and to allow a different option from wearing glasses for social and professional situations. We recommend that our contact lens patients also have back up glasses to give their eyes a healthy break from constant contact lens wear.

After a thorough examination, we can decide what type of contact lenses would work best for you. We would also be happy to go over your options so that we can decide together what lenses would work best for you.

Soft lenses are more comfortable to wear than traditional lenses. They also need to be replaced on a regular basis. Some are made to be changed monthly, weekly, or even daily. Soft lenses work better for sports because they stay in better than traditional lenses.

Soft lenses are improving and come in many strengths so that most people are able to wear them. They can also help with certain conditions including astigmatism.

Gas-permeable lenses are made of moderately flexible plastic. They offer people great vision and are also able to correct many vision problems. They last longer than soft lenses and can be easier to handle and care for, though getting used to wearing requires a step-like adjustment period to become comfortable with consistent wear.

Multifocal lenses are made in both soft lenses and gas-permeable ones. They are used to replace bifocals, offering patients clearer vision both far away and near.

There are even contacts used to enhance your natural eye color or change in completely. They are very popular during Halloween, though many people wear them every day to change the color of their eyes. These come in many colors for light and dark eyes.

Silicone hydrogels are considered soft contact lenses. They allow your eyes to get plenty of oxygen and are comparable to gas-permeable lenses.

Here at Tri Valley Optometry, we are dedicated to giving you the vision you deserve. After a thorough examination, we can discuss your options for getting the clearest vision possible.

If you have any questions about contact lenses or would like to schedule an appointment to get your eyes examined, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (925) 447-3222.

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