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Eye Injuries During Sports

eye-injuriesunnamed-2Tri Valley Optometry is proud to offer help for injuries you or your child sustained during sports.

Sports can cause many different types of injuries, big and small. We are happy to help aid in the recovery from many of these injuries.

Your eyes are a very valuable feature of your body, so you want to make sure that you are protecting them. Just as people wear helmets when riding bikes, they should also wear eye protection while playing sports.

If you ever feel dizzy or have a hard time seeing straight while participating in sports, make sure that you see us immediately. Even if you end up not having any issues, you want to make sure that there has been no damage to your vision.

The most common types of sports injuries that affect one’s eyes are a blunt trauma, a radiation injury from the sunlight, and a penetrating injury, which is when a cut can occur in your eye.

If you have any questions about injuries during sports, Tri Valley Optometry would love to assist you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at (925) 447-3288.

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